Nivea in-shower after sun


I love something that makes life easier so when I saw this in Boots pre holiday, I had to have it.

Our holiday was the first bit of sun my body has seen in nearly two years. I was pregnant last summer and felt unwell if I sat in the heat or anywhere that didn’t feel cold.

Even though I was using the children’s Factor 45  on the first day to stop myself burning, I became cocky and used 20 SPF the next. Big mistake. I caught the sun on my back.  Bertie also managed to become slightly pink on his back and so did my husband. The only one who didn’t was Evie and that’s because I smothered her in Factor 45 SPF  to protect her brand new skin.  Before children we would use Mrs Palmer’s Cocoa Butter to soothe the burnt bits. Post, I’ve switched to after sun because I remember as a child it was the best for cooling my skin.

Nivea in-shower after sun. It was great to use, very simple and went on easily.  It comes out as a cream and then you rub it all over. It works best if you plop some in your hand and then rub both hands together to apply.  My skin felt really smooth post shower and there’s no waiting around for it to sink in.  With children hanging around your ankles, waiting to get dressed isn’t practical. I used it in the evening before going out for dinner and unlike in the old days, I didn’t have the luxury of sitting in my towel on the balcony reading my book whilst my skin moisturised.

Bertie has sensitive skin and has cream applied on a regular basis and hates it. In the shower it was simple to convince him it was to clean his body. I normally have to chase him around to put aqueous cream on but not this time. The smell has that Nivea smell. I can’t describe it but once you’ve experienced it, you’ll know what I mean.

Tip: Pat yourself dry after the shower. Rubbing burnt bits hurts like hell.

The only downside is if you burn your back it’s really hard to apply it properly yourself. I used normal after sun afterwards for that.

Would I buy it again? Yes of course, it saved me time and allowed me to get dressed quicker. It soothed my skin and using it on the children killed two birds with one stone.

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**you may look at the picture and think I’ve placed the bucket and spade there, not true. Evie had just been sick on it so it was chucked into the shower whilst I was in there to clean off – the joy of going on holiday with small children**