Never ever lose your keys again with the Beets BLU PagerTag

I was sent this product to test and review, but all opinions are my own.

Let me start by saying that I am not technologically challenged. I’m really not. I’ve set up our Apple TV not once, but twice, with all manner of codes and things. And if I can do that, I can just about do anything.

15-05 Beets BLU

In principle, the Beets BLU PagerTag is an awesome idea. It’s a small fob. Smaller than my car key one. You hook on to your keyring, pair via Bluetooth with your phone and use it to find your keys when you lose them.

In practice, the Beets BLU PagerTag is an awesome device. Emmie and I took it in turns to hide my keys and the other found them in the house. It was quite a lot of fun and it worked well.

It’s the set up I had trouble with, and in reality, it’s not difficult at all. I just wish the instructions were a little more, well, step by step. If they’d have told me that I needed to download the PagerTag app (available on IOS and Android) first onto my phone, it would have been incredibly straightforward. It seems pretty obvious now but at the time it was slightly less so!

After reading the instructions about five times, I eventually decided to hit the app store and work it out for myself. After that it was as easy as a, b, c.

15-05 Beets BLU 1

Once you open the app, it gives you the option to pair with the PagerTag device immediately (as long as you’ve inserted the battery!)

15-05 Beets BLU 2

15-05 Beets BLU 3

Then you have the option to rename your device. I imaginatively called it Lucy’s.

15-05 Beets BLU 4

And then then you can use it. All you do is press on the button shown below by the arrow. That sends a message to the PagerTag, which then it turn emits an incessant beep to help you locate it, as well as your valuables attached. When you find the device you press the volume off button on the other side to stop the noise.

15-05 Beets BLU 5

Beets BLU also suggests that it can be used to avoid leaving other valuables behind like purses and wallets, and to check when your bags are approaching at the airport baggage claim. Ingenius. I’m absolutely going to try this out. I always have a mild panic on landing that my bags won’t arrive on the carousel.

The device operates directly with the following:
1. iPhone 4s (or later), iPad 3 (or later)
2. Any smartphone with Android 5.0 (and later) with Bluetooth 4.0 hardware
3. Samsung with Bluetooth 4.0 and Android* 4.3 (or later)

We only have one set of keys for my car in our house (don’t ask), so I often run around the house screaming “we only have one set. Where. Are. They?“. I’m genuinely delighted to have this attached to my keys now. It makes me feel so much more relieved and reassured that as long as they’re at home, they’re easily found.

The Beets BLU PagerTag is the epitome of something I never knew I needed. But I completely do and I love it!


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