Are we nearly there yet??? How to keep this phrase at bay

Car Journey Games(1)I hate the words, “are we nearly there yet?” “No, we’re, bl**dy, not, we’ve only just turned onto the motorway and there’s another 100 miles to go”.  Sometimes Bertie will sleep but he’ll wake up and get bored, so we play eye spy. Standard car journey.

During our holiday we played a lot of eye spy and regularly Bertie managed to come up with some good ones, and other times “what begins with ‘ch‘?” it ended up being sand. He’s still not four so he’s given some leeway.

I grew extremely bored of it towards the end of the week but it kept him entertained and it was fun to be able to play the game with him so well. It’s made me realise how quickly he’s growing up….yes I know I sound like an old Aunt.  If you’re thinking but my child is too young for this, I have an alternative Bertie and I played a lot.

It’s a take on eye spy. You say “I spy with my little eye a tree” the child needs to point at it.  I used this one a lot when he was younger, especially whilst having a stroll to the shop. Even though it was generally limited to cars, trees, sky and house, a two year old still finds it fun.

As we’ll be doing more driving this summer, I need some more under my belt to entertain Bertie, and more importantly, keep me occupied.

The best I’ve found are:


  • Animal Game: Someone makes a sound of an animal everyone else guesses which one it is
  • Rainbow Game: Someone calls out a colour and the others need to point to something of that colour
  • Singing Songs:  This is my least favourite game; especially the Grand Old Duke of York


  • Storytelling Game: This one will depend on the children’s age. With Bertie I’ll adapt it and we’ll each tell a small part, it they’re older, a sentence would be better
  • Rock, Paper, Scissors: Enough said
  • Who Am I?: Someone picks a person who everyone will know and then questions are asked by the others. The response can only be yes or no.  I’m not convinced Bertie will be great at this game and he’ll probably pick Grandma or Emmie every time. It may become tedious.
  • Shopping list: I’m sure everyone knows this one, you go around and take it in turns to add something to the shopping list and the next person recites everything on it and in the correct order.

If you have a small baby and no toddlers yet I’m envious of your car journeys and the ability to have peace and quiet when he/she sleeps. The time will come when these games will be used and you’ll wonder how you got to that point.

If your baby hates being in the car for long periods, it’ll get better, I promise.  Whilst being on my own I’ve had Evie screaming in the back on at least three occasions whilst stuck in horrific traffic. Bertie kindly informed me Evie wasn’t happy and was trying to sing to make her stop. Hence why I hate the Grand Old Duke of York.  Stressful doesn’t come close to how I felt, but all journeys do eventually end. Even if they were hours later than expected!

What games do you play?

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