Coconut oil. Is there anything it can’t do?

I took Emmie to her fortnightly craft class yesterday. She’s so not in to it at all. Just like the dance classes we’ve just finished. Whilst everyone else was colouring quietly and carefully, Emmie decided to use the felt tips to beautify her eyes and gave herself some rather fetching pink and blue eyeshadow.

15-05 coconut oil

She was so proud of herself and I had to laugh, but my first reaction was how am I going to get that off? She hates water anywhere near her face and always has done.

My friend suggested coconut oil which was pretty timely as we have a stash of the stuff right now. I’ve been oil pulling again recently which I’m documenting for a post in a couple of weeks time.

It got me thinking just how wondrous coconut oil truly is and just what other things I could use it for. Garlic and bicarbonate of soda have fast become my household natural go-tos for everything other than cooking, so how could I also add coconut oil into the equation?

It’s wondrous stuff and contains antimicrobial lipids, lauric acid, capric acid and caprylic acid which have antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral properties. So it can be used across the board…

  1. As a facial cleanser and eye make up remover. It works on felt tips too; believe me I have first hand experience
  2. 15-05 Coconut oil 2
  3. It’s an incredibly intensive natural conditioner
  4. Mix with apple cider vinegar to make a natural head lice treatment (or nits as we all still call them)
  5. Applied to heal piles/haemorrhoids
  6. To soothe itchy chicken pox skin
  7. To cure cold sores
  8. 15-05 coconut oil 1
  9. To soothe sore throats melt a tablespoon in warm water
  10. To season cast iron pots and pans (and woks)
  11. As a skin moisturiser and potential stretch mark remover
  12. To clean oil-based paint brushes

These were my favourites but it can do so much more.

What do you use it for? What have I missed?


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