Prosecco shortage; panic buy or find an alternative?

To Prosecco or Not prosecco

I saw on someone’s Facebook feed yesterday that there’s potentially going to be a Prosecco shortage. I looked at the source and decided that The Mirror wasn’t reliable so I disregarded it.

Throughout the evening more and more people were discussing it. I thought I’d do my own research and The Telegraph and The Independent have both released articles on the subject. So maybe there is truth to it?

There was a poor harvest last year according to The Telegraph, so the shortage is a possibility.  I was thinking, do I go out and panic buy with everyone else or just find something else that’s as easily quafable?

I’ll probably go for the second. Prosecco is delicious, but there are other great alcoholic beverages that float my boat and that are equally as delicious in the sun.  Forget cocktails, lets pull out some great British tipples instead.

 imageI’m from the West Country and it produces some of the best ciders in the world.

Now I’m not the type to drink scrumpy. Long gone are the days of drinking the stuff the Coronation (Corrie) Tap dished out. It had been pulled earlier in the day to save the bar staff time and came with extra nutrition in the form of dust. My husband may want to divorce me when I say this, but I prefer the likes of Bulmers (he’s made his own in the past and it’s gross not to mention toxic, one half pint and you’re totally gone).

About what feels like a million years ago, my husband and I drove to Cheddar Gorge for the day. We didn’t do anything other than stroll down the main road and buy some Cheddar cheese. We looked at the entrance to Wookey Hole Caves and that was it. Back in the car on the way home via Thatchers Cider Brewery.

I’m pleased we stopped here. I hadn’t ever fully appreciated cider before. I bought some of their Katy Cider.  It’s delicious and a wonderful summer drink whilst waiting for the BBQ to heat up.  It’s made solely from Katy apples which gives it the great taste. I was really excited when we were given a Katy apple tree as a present. I thought “wonderful, when we have apples my husband can make cider with it”.

Little did I know.  One, the stuff he makes is vile. Two, it hasn’t produced more than three baby apples each year so far.  You don’t need to look further than Tesco for Katy Cider, three for £5.

imageIt’s a classic, you can make it as strong or weak as you like. Add lemon or lime, ice or no ice.  We usually have Gordon’s. This is only because we used to have to buy our Auntie Doreen some every time we returned from our holiday. However in recent years I’ve been introduced to a higher quality Gin; Bombay Sapphire.

I prefer Bombay Sapphire but I still find myself pulled towards Gordon’s for nostalgia’s sake. Sainsburys has Bombay Sapphire for £18 p/litre and Morrisons has Gordons for £15 p/litre.

I don’t think I’ll be rushing to Aldi to buy 20 bottles of Prosecco with everyone else. I need to clean the shower and Evie has Jolly Babies.

What are you going to do? Panic buy or embrace the alternative?

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