Our Bank Holiday weekend – painting and the museum


It was Bank Holiday weekend in Bristol and the festival Love Saves the Day was happening. We had organised our entry and the babysitter. I’d even worked out what I was going to wear (it’s a festival for cool people. I’m not cool. It took me a long time to work out what style I was going for). And low and behold, my husband got a call to say that he needed to go to work.The festival was sidelined but hey, on the plus side we could do some painting in the loft!  Something everyone would rather be doing than hanging out, watching music and drinking cider.  The children were packed off to the grandparents as planned, and we donned our scabby clothes, Radio 2 was switched on and off we went.

We had skirting boards attached that had already been primed but the sanding needed re-doing.  I did two coats of undercoat and one of gloss over two days.  A couple of things:


If you’re attaching new skirting boards, buy the pre-primed stuff, I swear it’s saved me at least two extra coats and a hell of a lot of time and effort.


You may wonder, how did she manage to do two undercoat layers and a gloss layer??  We’ve just bought some new super duper drying undercoat, it’s really quick. So quick you that need to pay attention because if you don’t you’ll find drip marks dried on.  The gloss is similar. Very fast drying so again a lot of attention is required.  It’s water based so easier to apply and to remove from brushes.


If you’re going to use a paintbrush for two consecutive days, don’t bother cleaning it, wrap it in clingfilm tightly and re-use the next day.


That was my Saturday and Sunday. I’ve broken the back of it and I may even be able to complete it by the end of next week.  That may sound like a long time to the average person, but that’s really quick for me with two children and everything else I need to do.

By Monday I was bored of painting but keen to continue, Bertie’s behaviour on the otherhand was telling me that we needed to spend some time together.  After my husband had emerged from bed we sorted ourselves out and headed to Bristol Museum for some free fun.

Bertie loves the museum mainly because of the dinosaurs and the play area.  My husband and I were both shattered from the last two days so being the excellent parents that we are, we sat and watched Bertie in the play area for about 30 minutes before we decided to head out for some lunch.


Lunch was my highlight food generally is. Gourmet Burger Kitchen burgers, chips and milkshakes all round.

I was impressed. I honestly thought that when we sat down it would take at least half an hour for the food to come but we ordered the express 15 minute lunch menu. Cheese burger (blue cheese, nom nom nom ) and chips. It came within the allotted 15 minutes and not long after our chocolate milkshakes had arrived.

The efficiency kept my stress levels at bay when it came to the children. It was full of students and adults, no pre-schoolers apart from mine, and luckily because they did what they said on the tin, we didn’t have any meltdowns from either of them.

We returned to the museum to look at the stuffed animals. Bertie’s idea of heaven.  I never fully appreciated the excitement a museum can have on a three year old and with free entry, I’ll need to look up where we’re going for our next trip. Maybe the Natural History Museum in London?  I think that will be one of those trips that I’ll say it’s for the children but in reality it’s for me. August, Bertie’s birthday excursion, it is. BOOM, done.

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