7 habits of highly successful people

So an email delivering the above popped into my inbox last week and it made me snort with laughter initially.

I was successful once. Like, properly successful with a real salary, company car and a wardrobe full of suits. People actually asked for my opinions and listened to what I said. I led quite a big team; coached and motivated them, and delivered sales lines and gross margins to the higher echelons on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis.

The email played on my mind all day and I arrived at the realisation that I’m still successful. Just in a polar opposite kind of way. I’ve always considered the word success to be attributed to career achievements, but my children make it through each day generally unscathed and definitely still alive. Surely that’s a fine accomplishment? I also only tend to drink wine every other day and try to stick to two quotidian coffees. A total win in my book!

These are the habits. How many do you do?

They wake up early – set your alarm for 5am

Yep, right. Whatever. Mine goes off at 06:00. Then at 06:10 and I force myself out of bed. I’ve been working out recently every morning before 07:00 and I hate it. But my body and my energy levels seem to think it’s a good idea.

They meditate – start with just 5 minutes

I’ve never meditated. I don’t even know how. I’d rather stay in bed and think warm, duvety thoughts.

They get motivated – personal development is key

The more I do, the more I can do and I’m currently studying to become a Postpartum Doula, I’ve maintained my Certified Lactation Counselor qualification into a second tenure and I’ve developed my reading skills to record audio books.

I think that all of those tick that box.

15-05 7 habits

They fuel their body – food is energy

For every cheese and wine dinner that I indulge in, I do try to make up for it with a wholesome breakfast smoothie full of goodness. My Thug Kitchen vegetarian recipe book has also really helped to put us on the good food map and I do attempt to limit my refined sugars and complex carbs.

15-05 7 habits 2

They get active – no you don’t need a gym membership

I have two children, a house with four floors and I run and do yoga. Yep, this one’s checked.

15-05 7 habits 3

They connect with their team face to face

At least once per day I say “please look at me when I’m talking to you” to Emmie. Joe and I play eye hide and seek games when he’s breastfeeding, so I reckon I’ve got this one down.

15-05 7 habits 4

They only tend to urgent e-mails

I’m going to use artistic license here and attribute “urgent” towards all the sales emails that fall into my inbox. So yes, I read every single one of those just in case the deal of the century’s there and I need to use it. I then delete. I hate a full and cluttered inbox.

I’m pretty impressed with my efforts so far but like the proverbial red pen in the school book often says; I could do better.

I do enjoy reading these hints and tips though. What do you think?


If you’re interested, here’s the original article on lifehack.org