Our simple yet delicious 25 minute barbecue

**Disclaimer – the 25 minutes relies wholly upon having a gas barbecue. Proper coals will obviously take much longer!**

In celebration of the 19th National Barbecue Week this week I’ve put together a quick,  effortless, yet mouthwatering meal that can be prepped, cooked and on the patio table in less than half an hour.

As soon as Aldi starts doing their barbecue meats in the springtime, I stock up weekly. I throw them in the freezer and we build up a nice stash of different marinated meats ready to be chucked on the barbecue with very little weather notice. I pulled out a family favourite first thing so that it had all day to defrost.

On our menu was:

herbed pork steaks, barbecued radishes and cucumber salad

followed by

fresh strawberries and a cream cheese dip

Nothing fancy about those ingredients, but uncomplicated is often the recipe for success.

The radishes take 20 minutes to roast on the barbecue so I prepped them first. Topped and tailed them, and cut into quarters. I doused them in a liberal amount of olive oil, some garlic powder (but chopped fresh garlic would be better – I was being lazy), salt and pepper and wrapped them into a foil parcel. James then put them straight on the barbecue.

15-05 BBQ 1

The pork takes just 6 minutes to cook; 3 minutes each side so he handled the outdoor stuff whilst I finished the rest.

15-05 BBQ 3

I sliced the cucumbers on the finest setting on the mandolin to make them paper thin. Squeezed as much of the water out with a piece of kitchen roll/paper towel and sprinkled with a touch of white sugar, salt, dill and a drizzle of white wine vinegar.

15-05 BBQ 2

I learnt a trick recently to remove the stalks from the strawberries using a straw. You poke up through the centre from the bottom and it pushes the green stalk out. After washing them thoroughly I whisked up the most delicious dip. Using the food mixer, I mixed one pack of Philadelphia with a pot of marshmallow fluff. I’m reliably informed that you can get marshmallow fluff in most British supermarkets these days. This dip is so terribly bad for you in every single way yet it is absolutely the best thing ever.

15-05 BBQ 515-05 BBQ 4

And then I waited for James to do his thing for another 10 minutes because I had finished my jobs.

15-05 BBQ 6

Absolutely delicious and oh so quick. For top tips on making your barbecue a success look take a look at our earlier post

What are your super fast barbecue specials?