Posh dress season AKA wedding season

Wedding season is upon us and I have two weddings to attend; one this weekend and the other next Saturday.  The plan was to be a size 10 by this weekend. Ahem…….I’m not sure what’s happened but I’m not a size 10, more like a 14.  My pretty pink dress is staying at the back of the wardrobe, where it’ll probably stay until next summer.  I’m sad, but not too sad because it means I get to buy something new. I love using my credit card.

I have a black very fancy hat/fascinator and a cream one. So easy peasy, I have something for my hair with any colour dress.  As for shoes, I really don’t need any more heels because lets face it, I never wear them anymore apart from weddings or a big night out rarely happens with a 7 month old and three year old.  Shoes I have in black x2, leopard print, cream, pink, nude pink, navy etc etc, so all the colours to match any dress.

These are the ones I’m coveting at the moment:





As you can see I’m into yellow, floral and khaki green at the moment. I have a tan and these colours look good on me. Or they make me feel browner. I’ve ordered a couple and I’ll probably return at least one if not all of them.  If they’re all a no-go,I have a trusty red dress M&S dress that I bought last year. It looks amazing with my black fascinator and black suede shoes.

If I were to pick the perfect outfit from above and using what’s in my wardrobe it would be the green dress from Asos with my leopard print shoes. Hair up, black fascinator and gold jewellery.

I’ll Instagram what I wear on the day so keep a look out.

P.S. Since writing this post I checked out Oasis, I think they have some of the best in floral dresses.

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