Bibs and Stuff Baby Safe Feeder – Review

As you may already know, Evie is now on solid food.  Out of laziness I’m vaguely taking a baby led weaning approach. I haven’t done any reading on the subject so I’m just making it up as I go along!


I saw a baby safe feeder on a buying and selling Facebook page and thought I’d give it a go.  I threw the nets into the washing machine along with everything else just to make sure they were all sufficiently clean and I added banana to start.  Straight away Evie was chomping down on her food.

I like this product. I think it’s a great idea for first foods.  The net prevents large chunks being bitten off; a potential choking hazard, with the obvious maternal panic that follows.  I’ve tried it with very soft fruit like banana, avocado and nectarines. I don’t believe it’d work as well with harder fruit or veg e.g. apples or carrots unless cooked to a pulp, in which case you have a puree and would probably want a spoon.

Evie loves it because she gets to chew delicious sweet food and chomp on her gums at the same time. If only Sophie the giraffe came as an edible product, she would be beside herself with excitement!  It’s suppose to teach babies to chew instead of just swallowing and it does the job well.  Not only that but the large handle makes eating slimy food easier for them.  Countless times I’ve had to pick up banana and place it into her mouth. I’m covered, she’s covered. Banana everywhere. This way it’s just on her and I can attack her with a flannel afterwards, much to her disgust!

The nets are easily washable. I quickly rinse them in the sink then throw them into the washing machine along with my daily pile. The rest of the laundry is also covered in food so I don’t really care.  The plastic handle again is exactly that and can be wiped with a cloth, washed in the sink, or put into the dishwasher.


Would I buy it again?  Only at the very beginning of weaning. It makes it easier for them to pick food up and encourages babies to be independent, which Evie loves.  We don’t use it as much now because she’s managed to develop her grabbing pincer technique but it does come out when I know something will be difficult for her to hold.

Have you tried one? What are your thoughts?

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