What every parent and child wants….. a Stomp Rocket

Bertie had this given to him for his birthday a few years ago.

I first looked at it and thought ‘That’s a good idea’. Little did I know how useful and easy it would make my life some years later.


The Original Stomp Rocket is exactly that.  It’s air powered, needs no batteries, nor any fuel.

You just attach the rocket to the pipe and then STOMP. The rocket goes flying, the children run around collecting the rockets and do it all over again…..and again…and again.  Even I’ve been sucked in by it.  It depends on how you jump on the pump as to how high it goes. The angle you aim it at depends on where the rocket ends up. It may seem ridiculous but the possibilities are endless.

imageWhy does Bertie like it? Because he gets to work out how to aim the rockets and stamp as hard as he can.

Why do I like it? Because when we have quiet days and he still needs some exercise I can easily take this to the park and just help him load it up and stomp. I don’t need to run anywhere, push swings or help on climbing frames. It’s a lazy mummy game and one that’ll keep everyone entertained.

And it’s educational! Apparently teachers from around the world use it to teach trajectory, projection, force and motion. So I’m not a lazy mummy after all. In fact I’m practically a teacher!

It states that it’s for children age three and up but Bertie had it at two and as long as you don’t leave them alone with the pump which I stupidly did this morning and found Bertie with the tube in his mouth about to press on the pump younger ones can still have fun with it.

imageI think this would make an amazing present for anyone who has just had their second child or is pregnant and has small children.  It was a life saver last summer when I wasn’t able to move very far and Bertie needed something to do.

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