Fathers Day Gift List

It’s slightly premature looking at Fathers Day presents with a whole week and a half left before it happens but I’m busy this weekend and I know when Monday comes I’ll forget until Saturday and then panic buy.

My Dad gets the obligatory Toblerone, gone are his tie wearing days and socks are just dull to buy.  I may branch out and buy him some cider for the summer evenings but that’s as exciting as it gets.


Now onto my husband, I know if I ask Bertie “what shall we get Daddy as a present” the response will be a Thomas the Tank Engine train, probably one he doesn’t have or Toy Story, apparently Bertie hasn’t seen it and so the obvious choice would be to get it for Daddy!

I’ve had a search through the websites for ideas because he really doesn’t need anything. Here are some of my favourite ideas:

imageI think the leather wine carrier is a great idea but realistically he won’t use it and the T-Shirt (I think) is hilarious, will he wear it? Yup definitely.  The BBQ utensil set is the most promising here.  I like Not on the High Street but it always seems to be full of sentimental presents which I don’t really go in for.

imageJohn Lewis has some great presents, the mug is something I would personally like to receive but the traditional shaving cream and brush is more my husbands type of thing.

He’s very much a “Man build fire” type of guy so I did wonder if a fire pit would be a good addition to the garden.  I was surprised to find Debehams have a sale on them at the moment and these were my favourites.


I’m more likely to buy him a fire pit, something for all of the family to use!  This is to reciprocate the Mothers Day present I received this year, a card with coupons for breakfast in bed, a cuddle, a relaxing bath, and an hours peace and quiet.  Apparently these coupons come with Terms and Conditions which are not stated on the vouchers and I haven’t been allowed to cash them in yet.  I should imagine when the time comes for me to use them they’ll be out of date, if this fire pit is bought, it’ll mainly be for me.

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