Meal Plan Monday – Elimination Diet


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I’ve been having problems with my tummy and after much deliberation I’ve decided to embark on an Elimination Diet.  The one I’m following has been created by Edward Ley from Absolute Health and I’m determined this is going to work.

I need to make sure I plan all my meals so I don’t make silly last minute choices.

Monday: Salmon, sweet potato and salad.  Salmon will have some olive oil drizzled over the top before cooking.

Tuesday:  Turkey Fajitas and homemade guacamole.  Turkey breast with peppers, onions, mushrooms fried in olive oil and fajita seasoning, the one that has just herbs and spices no nasties.  I’ll make a guacamole with avocados and fresh coriander, maybe a bit of chilli.

Wednesday:  Lamb Saag.  Lamb chunks cooked with curry powder and extra garlic.  Tinned spinach added and a tin of coconut milk, cooked until the meat is tender.  Served with rice.

Thursday: Green Thai Turkey Curry.  Green curry paste with a heap of vegetables, mainly mushrooms because I love them in a Thai curry, cooked with coconut milk.  Served with rice.

Friday:  Lamb Chops (hopefully on the BBQ) served with BBQ veg and a huge delicious green salad.

This is as far as I’ve got.  As you can see there is meat with every evening meal because protein is a huge part of maintaining muscle mass and aids fat loss, that’s roughly how I understand it, the details are going over my head at the moment but in a few weeks I’m sure I’d be able to explain properly.  The other protein rich source I’m allowed to use is buckwheat, never heard of it before but it’s about to become my best friend.  Does anyone have any ideas what to do with it for an evening meal???

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