Calorie Free Treats

The elimination diet is in full swing and I’ve been thinking about what I ultimately want to achieve from it.  It’s a combination of things:

1. To work out if I’m sensitive to any particular food.

2. To feel healthier and full of energy.

However I used to use food as a treat and even though I managed to break some habits e.g. rewarding myself with food if I’ve had a tough day at work – this one was particularly hard, I’m still struggling without the end of the day hot chocolate made with full fat milk.  The diet doesn’t include dairy or sugar so clearly this has been out for the last three days and even though I’ve missed it I haven’t found it too difficult to knock on the head.  I need a new treat, a calorie free one and preferably free or cheap, here are my favourites I’m going to start using:

  • Reading my book, I have my favourite authors and I tend to stick to them e.g. JK Rowling, Phillipa Gregory and Victoria Hislop.
  • Having a bath (and reading my book), bliss, complete bliss until the baby wakes up.
  • Sitting outside in the sun alone drinking fizzy water, yup that’s how I roll these days, no margaritas for me.
  • Painting my nails, or preferably getting them done at a nail salon, I love the feeling when my nails are freshly painted.

Cheap Treats

  • Buying a magazine and actually reading it, I love Hello and it’s never the same reading it online.
  • Buying flowers, this one was suggested to me and I think a wonderful idea, I have some flowers in my kitchen from the wedding at the weekend they make me smile when I see them.
  • Going for an evening stroll alone in the summer sun, hmmm a little bit difficult when the sun refuses to come out.

Ultimate Treat

  • Buying a new handbag, I long for the day I get a Mulberry one.
  • Spa Day, at the Clifton Lido or Bath Spa, I love them both.


I know these are solo activities but when I’m at home with two small children all day being alone is a treat in itself.  I’m going to use the free ones on a daily basis because I should be rewarded when I get to the end of the day and the children are still alive and the house is still standing.

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