My survival guide to chicken pox

It’s arrived in our household. I tried to put it off but there was no beating it. Chicken pox has officially visited and we’re still waiting for our unwanted visitor to leave.

imageThe spots are still on Bertie. The poor thing had some in his nose and eyelid. It looks really sore and I can’t blame him for being miserable throughout the whole ordeal.  Last weekend was the worst; high temperature and feeling lethargic. This is not my son, he doesn’t like going to bed in the evening let alone at 11am for three hours.

He was poorly, no doubt about it.  This was to be expected but how did I cope with it?

I was housebound with a miserable three year old and an eight month old who thinks she’s four, not pleasant.  My essentials were:

DVDs: On the first day I discovered that the bloody DVD player was broken, of all the things that could’ve happened this was the worst. How the hell was I going to manage an ill child without the use of The Croods, Planes, Planes 2 Fire and Rescue, Cars and Cars 2????????Yes you’re right it’s impossible.

Luckily my Mum was able to look after the children whilst I hot-footed it to the nearest biggest Tesco to get a new cheap DVD player.  Clearly I hadn’t looked at it properly and needed some fancy cable I had no idea about, so as soon as I got home we couldn’t use it anyway. At this point I wanted to bang my head against a brick wall.  I managed to avoid this by finally remembering that the laptop had a DVD player.

Calpol and Nurofen: Enough said. I seem to buy a bottle a week because Bertie always has some sort of pain or ache.  I have to play this one slyly now because if he see’s the bottle he asks for “medicine but only the pink stuff (Calpol) not the yucky stuff (Nurofen)”, The way I know he’s in pain is to tell him the Calpol is all gone and here’s the Nurofen.  Over the weekend he was welcoming anything I’d give him.

Mini Milks: I knew he wasn’t going to eat and who doesn’t love a Mini Milk? Mr ‘I don’t eat kidney beans on a Wednesday’ decided he didn’t like the milk ones and it was chocolate all the way for him, understandable, if it was me I’d spend my days eating chocolate Mini Milks if I could.

PoxClin:  To start I tried to attack him with calamine lotion, horrible stuff to smell and to apply to a boy who has a phobia of cream and lotion but my friend informed of PoxClin.  In Boots it was £10!!! For a bottle of foam??? I did the natural thing any desperate Mother would do, I bought it.  It’s foam, so at least Bertie couldn’t moan about having cream applied (this only worked for one application). It seemed to soothe his skin, prevent him from itching too much and claims to have ingredients which reduce the chance of infection.

As for Evie, she had a great time playing with all the toys Bertie normally snatches out of her hands, all her dreams had come true….. until he felt a bit better.

That’s everything I needed. Of course a bottle of wine would have helped in the evenings but my diet doesn’t allow for things like that. Almond milk, decaf iced coffee it was for me.

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