Thursday wishlist – John Lewis edition

Having a flick through our emails yesterday, I came across one for the John Lewis Clearance sale.  Woohoo, I love a bit of John Lewis shopping.


When it started I was frantically going through the site like a mad woman looking for bargains.  I found loads, but did I buy anything? Nope. My bank account wouldn’t allow it because I haven’t been paid yet.

Here is everything that I wanted to buy, and trust me, there was so much more.

All of these bras are Fantasie. I love the make and when they cost £30-£40 full price a reduced rate is always welcome.


As a three year old boy Bertie has no wishlist other than ice cream and duplo, but this is what I found for him:


Again Evie doesn’t care what she wears as long as she can share my mango/avocado/banana but these are my favourite baby girl clothes:


As for the house, I really want a new rug to put into our loft (when it’s finished in 10 years time).  Browsing through they have gorgeous lamp shades in their sale as well a very handy cool box (surely something every family needs?)

imageWhat do you think? Does anything tempt you?

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