Camping with children? My tips to make it bearable

camping with childrenWe have a huge tent purchased years ago and it’s only been used a handful of times. With me being on maternity leave it seems a perfect opportunity to go camping for a long weekend.  Cue the ridiculous packing.

This year we may branch out from Cornwall and head to Wales, either the Gower or Pembrokeshire, both are beautiful.

Here are my tips for camping with children:


1. Pack outfits into bags, especially for the children.  It keeps it all together, they can pick a bag for the day making it easier for you to sort out and store

2. Take an old bath mat, for wiping your feet when you’ve come in from a day in the beach or rain

3. Don’t take too much perishable food (unless you have a hook up and fridge), just the meal for the evening you get there.  If you have it in the cupboard the pasta, rice, snacks, salt, pepper or spices always come in handy

4. A game for all the family, our children are small but the stomp rocket is great for keeping them entertained whilst dinner is cooking

5. Bin liners, loads of them. To use as a bin, throw dirty clothes, wetsuits etc into

6. Towels, at least two each. One for the beach, one for a shower at the end of the day and another just in case

7. Water container, a big one. Reducing the amount of trips to the water tap.

8. Extra blankets. We take a blow up bed and a duvet. If you’re camping in Britain don’t be fooled by a bit of sun, it can still be cold at night and there’s nothing worse than cold children unable to sleep

9. Lighter. It isn’t the end of the world if you forget this but a bit annoying when you go to light the BBQ or camping stove and you don’t have it, especially when the nearest shop is a 20 minute drive

10.  Torches, one for everyone, even the toddlers. They’ll inevitably want to carry it and shine it in the air whilst you’re desperate for the toilet in the middle of the night.

11. iPad, fully charged with some programmes or films downloaded onto it.  I know it’s supposed to be a get back to nature trip blah blah blah but lets face it, when it’s pouring with rain sometimes it’s just easier to use this rather than head to the nearest pool with every other camper in the area.

12. Plastic wine glasses and WINE, lots of it. Why do we go camping? Because children love it, my husband loves it, me, the only bit I like is sitting on the beach in the sun reading my book. I’d much rather be in a 5 star hotel, the wine makes the whole trip slightly more bearable.

These are ones I learned a couple of years ago, I’m not an avid camper but give it 10 years and I may become a pro.

If you are thinking of starting your camping gear collection or adding to it Millets has a sale on at the moment.

What are your camping tips with children?

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