My thoughts from Philly

I’ve been in Philadelphia on my own for a few days on a personal admin adventure. That sounds fairly glamorous and the trip has actually been pretty incredible.

06-15 Philadelphia 1
The cracked Liberty Bell is an iconic symbol of American independence

I’ve walked, toured, shopped and eaten. The only thing I haven’t really done, that was an explicit instruction from James, is slept. Not for lack of trying though. The time difference from Germany, and resultant jet lag has kicked my backside hard.

Left alone with my brain in overdrive I’ve had a lot of time to think and this is what I’ve come up with:

What I’ve learnt about myself:

  • Traveling solo is a breeze and I’m good at it. Every time I leave a seat the fear kicks in. But then I remember, there’s nothing to leave behind
  • Having been thrown some major stumbling blocks during the journey and on arrival, I’m able to adapt and overcome. My benchmark is being stuck in at the ferry port in Dover with a flat car battery and two screaming children. Nothing can ever be that bad!
  • I’m quite happy in my own company and have loved every second of not being a Mum. I can do what I want, walk as quickly as I want, change my mind without having to communicate the swap to an inquisitive toddler, and eat where I want without compromise
  • That said, I’m absolutely rubbish at choosing a restaurant on my own. Philadelphia is literally heaving with amazing restaurants and I just can’t pick one. So much so that I’ve even walked into some and walked out again because the menu has too much choice and I don’t know how to order it. For my American friends; I walked into Chipotle, saw the crazy ordering system and walked straight back out again. I have eaten all of this though..

06-15 Philadelphia 2

  • I’m very happy being the Mum of just two children. Until I have a drink and make the executive decision to definitely have a third. When I sober up, I’m back to two and through
  • My boobs are literally at bursting point with milk and still nothing comes out of them when I pump. I’m just not a breastpump responder. Milk me like a cow however (manual expression is the technical term) and I gush like a waterfall
  • I like running in the rain. It was torrential when I arrived and I was up with the birds because of jet lag so I just put on my shoes, fashioned my mac to become a running jacket and went. It was fun and I had the city to myself at 6am on a Sunday morning
06-15 Philadelphia 3
Getting ready to run. Outside of Independence Hall and the Tall Ships Festival at Penns Landing.

Things I’ve learnt about here:

  • Every other female wears super cropped jean shorts. Even those that probably should add a few inches. Mine looked positively ankle grazing in comparison
  • Philadelphia is cool. Like really cool. Easy to navigate, completely walkable and with loads of history and culture. I’ve been to a festival, eaten and drank cocktails as well as enjoyed a concert all alone and no one’s batted an eyelid
06-15 Philadelphia 4
The Grand Union Flag (flag of the United Colonies of North America), the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, City Hall and Reading Terminal food market
  • It’s not very ethnically diverse which is pretty noticeable compared to other American cities
  • Philadelphia cheesesteaks come in all manner of guises. I had a Philly cheesesteak spring roll for dinner last night!
  • Philadelphia has an anti-graffiti mural program so there is street art every where you look and the average mural is three-storeys high

Saying all of that, I’m ready to come home now. I miss my babies.

Have you been to Philly? What did you think?