Feeling hot hot hot? Cool yourself down with some super bargains at the sales

Seeing as we’re all in the midst of a heatwave I thought I’d check out the sales for some bargainous summer wear.

summer sales

It’s the same every year. I moan that it’s summer and it’s still only 15°c. Then wham bam, the temperatures soar, and suddenly I don’t have anything to wear. My usual uniform of jeans and navy just won’t cut it in these serious German temperatures. And unlike most years, this weather’s set to last a while, so I need to deck myself out in more seasonable wear pretty quickly.

Scanning the sales websites has been fairly productive and this is just a sample of what I found…


07-15 summer sales 1

Boyfriend roll-up linen shorts £22.99   1969 sexy boyfriend denim shorts £17.99

Summer khaki shorts  £14.99                    Boyfriend roll-up khaki shorts £17.99


07-15 summer sales 2

Tile maxidress  £20.00                                    Pocket vest £5.00

Cupro utility dress £25.00

Marks and Spencer

15-07 summer sales 4

Lace yoke dress £16.00                                                    Paisley print shorts £12.00

Halterneck floral playsuit £10.00


07-15 summer sales 5

  Sleeveless dress £12.99                                         Jersey dress £3.99


07-15 summer sales 6

Bird tshirt dress £20.00                                          Denim skirt £18.00

Tshirt £15.00

Here are the links to a lot of other women’s sales to make your shopping super easy for you.

Enjoy the heat. And your new clothes!