Elimination diet – the true story. Part 1

As you may know I’ve been following an Elimination Diet.  This wasn’t just to work out what was wrong with my tummy, but part of a wider experiment created by Ed Ley from Absolute Health in Bristol.


I answered an advertisement on a local Facebook page wanting people to take part in an experiment as guinea pigs.  It asked for people who have “tried everything” to lose weight and would be committed to taking part in a 21-day programme.

Yes I was that desperate.I won’t tell you how much I weighed, or my measurements, but they weren’t good. I thought to myself, if I just do what they tell me to for 21 days, I’ll lose weight. I just need to suck it up.  I completed the application and thought maybe, just maybe I’ll be picked.  I didn’t hear anything for a while and just assumed I wasn’t one of the lucky ones. Until an e-mail popped into my inbox with the details, I replied straight away and thought, this, is, it!

What did I have to do?

Measure and weigh myself the day it started.

It wasn’t a good start because I was still hungover from a big weekend. I wouldn’t recommend starting a detox style plan when hungover!

What could I eat? 

We had a choice of two plans. One consisted of  foods that Ed knew would result in weight loss. The other was called the Elimination Experiment. This is the one that I followed.

Vegetables, fruit, rice, buckwheat, turkey and lamb. NOT legumes, dairy, alcohol or caffeine.  This essentially has been my diet for the last three weeks.  The idea is to eat protein with every meal. I’ve eaten turkey for breakfast, I didn’t even like the stuff a month ago now I’m converted.  Buckwheat was a new one on me and is a bit odd. It doesn’t taste weird, just has a nutty texture.

What exercise did I need to do? 

Obviously I was required to move not just sit and eat what was on the list.  It was rounds of squats, hill climbs, high knees, chest presses etc.  I’ve also been doing kettlebells twice per week for a few months now. I found some of the moves easy, others really challenging.


I was expected to go into the gym twice a week for the three weeks.  I enjoyed these sessions as there were 12 of us in total, and six in my group.  We had a quick catch up to see how everyone else was getting on.

Steve did our training sessions with us. He was brilliant and not condescending. He explained how to correctly carry out the exercise and was super encouraging.  Thankfully not shouting in your face encouraging, he would walk around the group watching us each individually and say “well done”. I’ve never had a personal trainer before so I’m not sure what the norm is, but he never pushed any of us to do more than we felt capable of.  The “well done” gave me the incentive to keep going even if my arms felt they were about to drop off.  I never got out of breath but I always came out sweating.


We had a secret Facebook group which all the guinea pigs had access to.  Here we were able to ask Ed or Steve any questions which they responded to extremely quickly.  This was massively valuable to me. We used it to encourage each other on when feeling deflated by the whole thing and we posted what we ate with a Mr Bean style photo!

To be continued…..