Easy ways to get more fruit and veg into your family’s daily diet

This has been playing on my mind a lot recently. I am just not a natural fruit eater. I’ve never been one to put my hand in the fruit bowl rather than the chocolate tin. I’ve always been amazed, and slightly in awe of people who did.

Easy ways to get more fruit and veg

And then I gave birth to a child who did just that. I sound like a right Smuggy von Smuggerson when someone offers Emmie chocolate and I have to explain that she doesn’t like it. She genuinely doesn’t. Instead, a full and varied fruit bowl or bag of raw carrots are right up her street. It still fascinates me that she’d prefer an apple to a delicious bar of cheap Aldi milk chocolate!

Until Joseph arrived we were utterly spoilt. He, on the other hand will happily devour a tin of Quality Street or a bucket full of sand, but put a juicy peach on his plate, and he’ll chuck it off immediately.

So we’ve (or more specifically he has) started having slight constipation issues. Have you ever seen sandy baby poos on a regular basis? They’re not pleasant and as good as sand is as a natural foot conditioner, it isn’t so kind on little bums.

It’s getting to the point where my brain is hurting from actively thinking about how I can get more fibre goodness into him.

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So I’ve done what any 21st century mother would do, I turned to the internet. Namely Pinterest. I needed to make it easy, taking small steps so it’s barely noticeable to an 18 month old mind but with the right results occurring.

We don’t eat many saucey type foods like spaghetti bolognaise or chilli in the summer months so I can’t do the hiding trick. Plus, I really want him to get used to them as an actual food so I’m not lamenting that loss of opportunity too much.

So far I’ve:

    • Added sliced banana or a few berries to breakfast
    • Chopped up cucumber and carrots and kept them in the fridge, ready to accompany lunch with a dip like houmousbaba ganoush or turkish yoghurt or used in a sandwich
    • Packed peanut butter on celery as an easy snack to pack for trips to the park
    • Given dried fruits and nuts like raisins, banana chips and cranberries for snacks
    • Frozen chunks of mango and pineapple are easy to access and seem to be welcomed
    • Made a daily morning smoothie with whatever fruit’s hanging about as well as any greens I can throw in as well as chia seeds. He can’t get enough of that!
    • Made home made fruit and veggie bars
    • Stocked up on bags of frozen peas, broccoli and beans so a few can be pulled out at a time for lunches and dinners

07-15 increase fruit and veg 2

And we’ve had success with:

  • Roasted chick peas
  • Apple crisps
  • Corn and basil chowder
  • Corn and black bean salsa
  • Banana pancakes
  • Vegan tortilla soup
  • Sweet potato, courgette and carrot hash
  • Home made apple sauce
  • Adding fruit to normal traditional salads. Watermelon, peaches, strawberries, raspberries and pineapple have been used recently. I know it’s oh so wrong, but whatever works right?
  • Barbecued corn, courgette and pineapple
  • Pear and cream cheese muffins
  • Grilled radishes
  • Beer & lime cauliflower tacos
  • Roasted chick pea & broccoli burrito
  • Cauliflower crust pizza
  • Carrot cake cookies

Recipes for all of the above meals have been pinned on our Pinterest page. Check it out.

And it’s going ok. Joseph isn’t a fruit fly like his sister but I don’t feel as if he’s nutritionally devoid anymore either!

Do you have any suggestions or recommendations? Please send them my way!


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