Bertie’s 4th birthday – the planning stage

I feel I should create a huge birthday party for Bertie this year.  When I was little my Mum would always throw the best birthday parties for me and I feel I should carry on the tradition.

Children's birthday party tips

Last year I was pregnant and found the whole process really stressful.  We had 10 children and a bouncy castle but it was enough to send me to bed at 7.30pm.

This year I’m going to plan, plan, plan and keep it as simple (and cheap) as possible.

My tips on how to keep it cheap:

1. Venue. Have the party at home.  I know it won’t keep my sanity but at the same time I can put on a great party for the fraction of the price of hiring a venue.

2. Tablecloth.  I won’t be buying a paper tablecloth for the party food but will use a spotty pvc one I bought years ago to hide our previous horrible table. It’s easily wiped down.

3. Plastic plates, cups and bowls.  Again, I refuse to waste money on paper plates, yes it’s easier to chuck them away but at the risk of sounding like a hippy it’s not good for the environment.  If you don’t have enough ask friends if they have any you can borrow.

4. Food.  Last year I made a full table of party food, most of it was left by the children and then hovered up by the adults.  Conclusion: don’t waste time, make a party tea/lunch e.g. sausages, pizza, fish fingers and chips N.B. none of it has any nutritional value but at least they won’t be bouncing off the walls two hours later. The kids will love it and the adults can enjoy the leftovers.

5. Cake.  I’m going to make it myself.  I agree, it is expensive to make a decent birthday cake however in the past I’ve created Postman Pats van and Thomas the Tank Engine both of which would have cost double if I had someone make it.

6. Alcohol. With my friends it’s standard to have a drink at 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th birthday party, I know it may not be for other people.  We have a huge stash of wine, beer and cider in our alcohol cupboard so I’ll dig it out to offer to the parents.  That, a packet of crisps and leftover food always goes down well.

7. Party Bags.  I did them last year and I don’t think I can be bothered to do them again.  It’ll be a four things, sweets, toy, cake and a balloon.  If I have time I’ll blow the balloon up and attach to the bag, it always impresses children and they go mad for them.

8. Invitations.  I’ll be making these with Canva design website.  Very easy and simple to use.  Or I’ll text the childs mum to let them know a time and date.


Does anyone else have any other money-saving tips on children’s birthdays?  I could do with a few more.