What I’ve learnt today…

You know the old saying “you learn something new everyday”, today I seem to have discovered more than one thing.

  • Making a 4 year olds birthday cake with the soon to be four-year old is equally fun as it is stressful.  Yes the kitchen looked like a bomb hit it half way through the process but we had great fun licking the mixture off the spoons together and hiding it from Daddy.


  • When making the birthday cake it’s a lot easier to use a Kenwood Mix.  I don’t own one but I borrowed Mum’s.  If I’d used a hand whisk the butter cream would have taken ages, this way it took a fraction of the time.


  • I’m a cake extraordinaire, Bertie’s party cake is the best I’ve produced over the last four years and I’m very proud of it.


  • Never clean the floor the day before you make a cake with a four-year old.  Waste, of, time.
  • Aprons are the most amazing invention for mothers, why have I never used mine before? I picked Evie up post snack and my clothes didn’t get dirty. I make a cake, I’m clean at the end, why did no one tell me about this before?


  • Two children, one who’s nearly four years the other nine months, not too young to start physically fighting.  I caught Bertie pulling Evie by her arm across the room, 10 minutes later Evie started hitting him.  A part of me was laughing the other despairing at the thought of this for the next (at least) 16 years.
  • You can still buy Wash and Go in the supermarket! Who knew? And it’s only £1.  I needed a small bottle to keep in my washbag so I never have to remember shampoo or conditioner and it was smallest one I could find.  Not convinced of its conditioning ability so leave in conditioner was also purchased.
  • I have 18 plastic plates and 19 children coming for a party, ANNOYING, I need to borrow one, just one.

That’s what I’ve learnt, how about you?