Fit-stagram! Motivating your exercise with inspirational Instagram

I love Instagram. I really love Instagram. What I see is tailored exactly to me and who I’ve subscribed to. There are no crazy algorithms à la Facebook which result in half of my newsfeed being about people I’ve never even heard of let alone met!

dreams don't_workunless_you do

Living a military life, we say goodbye to friends way too often so Instagram is the perfect way to get a small glimpse into their new world. To see how their children have grown, check out new haircuts and clothes, and literally see what they’ve been up to.

I’ve also recently started to subscribe to a lot of running and fitness pages. I love it. It motivates me to get my trainers on and get out there, and it inspires me because I can use their achievements as a benchmark to monitor my own.

It’s been hugely enlightening to see what other people’s minute miles are, how often they run, what they do, how they improve and what kit they carry. I’m slowly moving away from all the gear, but no idea, to having a slight clue about what I’m doing.

07-15 Fitstagram

These are some of my current favourites. I love pouring over other people’s lives in far flung (and way more exotic than boring Germany) places.

While you’re perusing Instagram why don’t you..


Let me know your favourites. I’m always keen to add more to my portfolio.