Bertie’s 4th birthday party – conclusion

The 4th birthday party happened.  I survived. The children had a wonderful time, from what I could see from the kitchen window. (I’m very impressed with my cake effort).


My advice to those hosting a 4th birthday party:

  • If you can afford it, pay someone to do it.  Stressed doesn’t quite cover how I felt on friday.  I feel I hosted an excellent party and if you want to hire my services I’m available for £1000 per party, have a think.


  • Don’t bother doing sandwiches/biscuits/carrot sticks.  The pizza and chips went down a storm and I don’t think many of the parents managed to guzzle any either.


  • If the bouncy castle doesn’t fit the number of children you’re inviting add another activity.  I used water pistols and gave to 17 children, FOOL, you may be thinking, it worked, my god, did it work well.  Only Bertie and my husband were soaked at the end.  NB. Give it to them on the condition they don’t squirt inside the house, parents or the bouncy castle and make sure you have some spare towels to hand.


  • Don’t forget to buy soft drinks for the adults.  I only remembered the squash an hour before, which I had little of. Most were driving and unable to drink the copious amount of beer and cider available.


  • Plastic plates are the way forward.  We didn’t even bother changing the plates, some of the children had ketchup with their cake. Quickly rinse at the end, job, done. Not harming the environment and saving money at the same time.


  • Party bags.  I know these can be a pain to do however it’s an easy way to encourage the children to leave at the end.  Even if you put a balloon and bag of sweets in, trust me it works. Less tears as well.


I was stressed throughout, sorting out pizza, chips, drinks but I have it on good authority it was a good ‘un.  I kept it to the kitchen and outside only making tidying up easier and quicker, thank god I did, the mess would have been indescribable. I was exhausted at the end and with all the food eaten we had a chinese takeaway that evening and went to be bed early.  NB. if you’ve been clean eating for a few weeks, don’t eat a chinese takeaway it’s awful and you’ll feel terrible the next day.

I’m convinced I’m wasted as a Health Care Professional and should have been a childrens party organiser, I wonder if anyone will get in touch and take me up on my fee?