A day at the beach

The other weekend we went for a lovely trip to the beach.  We headed to South Devon, Milton Sands.


After going last year on exactly the same saturday I was expecting the weather to be the same.  British weather, I keep forgetting how unpredictable it is.  Last year everyone was anticipating rain and lots of it however the reality was very different.  Clouds and a spit of rain was in attendance at the beginning of the day followed by an afternoon of glorious sunshine.  So hot my husband and son went into the sea for a dip.  We stayed until 7pm because it was so enjoyable.  To add, very few people were there and we practically had the place to ourselves.

This year, we expected sunshine as did quite a few people in the area, it was busy and the clouds appeared and didn’t leave.  Even though we weren’t alone the beach is big enough to accommodate hoards of people .  Had we not needed to take down gazebos and pack up enough food to feed an army when rain appeared, I would have had a quick swim in the sea.  Even on a dreary day it looked that tempting.

I love this beach.  Both times I’ve looked at the beach cafe and wished I was there without a picnic.  The food looks amazing, I would describe it as posh nosh.  Think crab sandwiches and hot dogs with caramelised onions.  They sell takeaway but if you want to sit inside it’s recommended you book.


This is where being a member of The National Trust comes in handy, if you are parking by the beach cafe it’s free, if not it’s £4.50 (ish) all day.  The lady at the entrance will try to sell it to you if you’re not.  I have to give it to her, it must be a dull job but she was chatty and funny to talk to and not phased by the queue of people behind us.

I love this beach and look forward to the day I arrive with nothing but my towel, swimsuit and wallet.  I’ll be heading to the beach house for breakfast, lunch and dinner.