My Wednesday Wishlist

I’ve been so busy recently with family stuff and holidays that I feel like I’ve neglected my favourite activity; buying new things for myself. I nearly wrote shopping, but that’s far too generic. I specifically mean purchasing things just for me.


I only realised this on Monday when I made the trip, or rather trek, to my nearest city Trier to start the hunt for an evening gown for a ball we are going to in a few weeks. The third shop proved the charm, and I walked out of TK Maxx just €45 lighter but with more like €45,000 worth of relief lifted from my shoulders. Such specific shopping here just is more of a Krypton Factor-esque challenge instead of a fun day out!

So here are all the things I really want right now. In no particular order..:

These knotted sandals from Zara are just £29.99. In real life they are slightly more burgundy than this bright red, and they’re absolutely beautiful.

07-15 wed wish 1

07-15 wed wish 2I have the Barely Golden by Eva Longoria shade of the L’Oréal Paris Color Riche Exclusive Nude collection.

It tastes of roses, is really moisturising and lasts quite a significant amount of time but I think the colour is a little too light for me. I really wish I’d got this Ebony Elegance one by Liya. I’m not sure who Liya is, but the shade looks good.

Boots is doing 3 for 2 on them at the moment (29/07/15) with each being priced at £6.99 normally.

I desperately want a cleaner. I just can’t justify it to myself because technically I’m a Stay at Home Mum (that works), and I’d rather use the money to buy things like shoes or lipsticks. I’m finding it harder and harder to fit the house in to my list of priorities because of the multiplying commitments that we all seem to have. So I’m well and truly considering it right now.

07-15 wed wish 3I’ve decided I really need a Garmin Forerunner. In reality I’d like the super duper 225 but my skill level, commitment and dedication are probably more suited to the 220. I’ve just found out that it’s massively reduced on as well at the moment. Normally £189.99 it’s now just £144.87. Wowsers!

Not a cheap list at all. I’ll probably just get the lipstick!

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