Bertie’s latest obsession

We’ve had The Thomas the Tank Engine craze and we’ve started to come out the other side.  After our Lanzarote holiday it’s developed into Wallace and Gromit, hence the Gromit birthday cake.



We’re in luck this year.  Back in the Easter holidays we went to see Shaun the Sheep – The Movie.  It was his first experience and I took him to our local cinema (where I used to go when I was little).  It was nostalgic for me and the excitement oozing from him made it all worthwhile.  When the film started his face lit up whilst scoffing his sweets and then it dawned on me, yes, Shaun is a sheep, and sheep can’t talk.  After the first ten minutes I was ready to leave but Bertie was clearly going nowhere (I don’t blame him).  It was a good film, I can’t deny that.  We now have the DVD and for his birthday received the DVD with all the Wallace and Gromit films on.  It took him less than 12 hours to watch all of them….. twice.  If you haven’t seen it I would recommend it but not more than once.


The main reason I took him to see the film was Bristol is hosting Shaun in the City this year.  When Gromit was here a couple of years ago we spent hours hunting them down.  This time he truly understands whats happening and we’ve even given some nicknames of our own, not inventive ones so I won’t share.  Only one part of town has been explored and we’re waiting for the rain to hold off for one day to tick more off the list.  This is our FREE activity of the winter Summer.

If you’re in Bristol over the Summer this is a must for children and adults alike. The maps even show the routes for you to follow.  Add @thetwosavingsisters on Instagram so we can see your photos.  I’ll keep you updated on our finds.