CBeebies Big Day Out – Weston-Super-Mare

Long gone are the days I head down to Weston-Super-Mare for the Radio 1 roadshow, now it’s a trip to experience the CBeebies Big Day Out.  A very different experience.


If you make the decision to go and see the CBeebies roadshow take some money with you, in the cash form.  I’ve realised how spoilt I am living in a city with cash points on every street corner and car parks that accept cards, the first hour I was there it felt like I was in the 1980’s.  Once this was over the fun started.

We arrived and entered into a section that seemed dedicated to farmers and food.  Tractors galore kept a 4-year-old little boy happy and lambs kept the baby quiet.  Once we approached the CBeebies area we could hear Dr Ranj on stage.  Yes, we did run to get to the stage quicker.  He impressed along with the Rastamouse crew.  There was dancing, singing and clapping.  The biggest highlight was when Michael De Souza, the co creator of Rastamouse came on stage and did his set.  He was everything I expected, the human version of Rastamouse.  Somehow he managed to get three volunteers to help him read the Rastamouse book.  The dad playing Wensley Dale did a great job with his Jamaican accent and expressions. I was secretly pleased not to be near the front when the lady with the microphone came round expecting us to recite poems, Bertie however seemed to have memorised it and would have been fine.


After this we explored the rest.  Bertie tasted honey and planted some seeds.  Tickets for The Furchester Hotel:Kitchen Catastrophe were still available but only for the 3pm showing which was too late for us.  Even though we didn’t attend this it was still a great day out and worth the drive down.  All of it was free including the Kitchen Catastrophe, it did require tickets which could be obtained from the Seafront Office.


We obviously did the usual afterwards, ate chips and ice cream, explored the pier and played some crazy golf.  Having not been there for years I was surprised how you could fill your time by Weston-Super-Mare beach front.

If you’re in the area this weekend with no plans I recommend you head down to this free event to check it out for yourselves.