Review: Beets Blu Smart Scale. Wireless bathroom scales that I’ll never live without again!

I’d just bought new bathroom scales when Beets Blu contacted us and asked us to review their new wireless Smart Scale.

08-15 Beets Blu Smart Scale

My old ones had lovingly underweighed me by 5 lbs for years. The shock of standing on a new shiny pair with a much greater number glaring back was pretty upsetting I have to admit. But I’m getting used to it. Especially as the Smart Scale corroborated the increase.  But, because of everything else that it measures, it made me realise that actually weight alone isn’t the be all and end all. This is a massively huge revelation for me.

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The Smart Scale tracks your body weight, body fat percentage, water level and muscle mass using Bluetooth technology to upload the results to your phone. It’s amazing. And so simple. The only criticism I have with Beets Blu is that their instructions never explicitly state to download the app from iTunes or the Android equivalent. Instead a QR Code is given, which means nothing to me as I’m not that technologically advanced.

You open up the app at the same time as you stand on the scale and after about 10 seconds the data appears, as if by magic, on your phone. I can’t tell you how much I adore the whole process. I’m addicted to weighing myself (daily I might add) and to my iPhone. The two things combined are like all my Christmases have come at once!

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Body Fat ChartBeets Blu Smart Scale 3

Skeletal Muscle Chart08-15 Beets Blu Smart Scale 3

BMI Chartmost of us are fairly familiar with this one08-15 Beets Blu Smart Scale 4

I knew nothing about healthy water weights before getting these results and a very quick internet search said that the ideal for my age is 51%. Which I am far from at 57.6%. Researching in much more depth I found:

Since increased body fat percentages automatically yield lower water weight percentages, the highest water weight levels, 58 to 70 percent, are assigned to women with 4 to 20 percent body fat, and the lowest, 37 to 49 percent, are assigned to women 33 percent fat and above. Female athletes’ optimal water weights should therefore fall within the 58 to 70 percent range, and the high-fat women’s levels should fall within the 37 to 49 percent range. (

As a result, mine seems to be ok for my body fat level.

I have thoroughly enjoyed scrutinising the data and although I’m more than aware that the results are not going to be 100% accurate, they give a far bigger and more insightful picture than just weight alone.

These are not your normal bathroom scales. They’re slick, technologically advanced and arm you with enough data to really understand your body and identify exactly what elements need change or improvement. I can’t recommend them more highly.

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Disclaimer: We received this product courtesy of Beets Blu. As always, all opinions expressed are our own.