Homemade pizza, the easy way

I used to make my own pizza using a bread maker for the dough.  We’ve recently got rid of it because it was taking up too much space and that’s all we used it for, result, eating shop bought pizzas.  They’re either really cheap and nasty or stupidly expensive.


Until I came across pizza dough next to the ready rolled puff pastry in the Asda chilled section.  I bought, I tried, I recommend.

It’s as simple as unrolling onto a baking tray, adding the tomato sauce (easy, chopped tomatoes, garlic, olive oil and oregano), toppings and cheese. It even has baking parchment attached so there’s no need to scrub the tray afterwards.  I went as far as trying to make cheese stuffed crust.  It would have worked a treat had I put in enough cheese inside.


It tasted far superior to any pre made pizza but not quite as good as a home-made one.  For the ease and simplicity of this meal I really recommend it as a mid-week meal, or even weekend if you’re not into making dough from scratch.