Bristol Balloon Fiesta

I’m all over the free events at the moment and Bristol is hosting the 37th annual Balloon Fiesta, so naturally we had to go.


At 5.15am this morning the alarm went off, I stayed in bed for another five minutes knowing I had packed everything.  It still took us 30 minutes to leave the house with two children, fairly standard for us.

Last night I had made the bacon sandwiches, organised the baby milk and coffee, all it needed was re heating and remembering.  We managed it, I was impressed, until we hit traffic with the rest of Bristol trying to head to the fiesta at 5.50am.

NB. If you have more than one adult with you and children, make sure YOU get dropped off and leaving the other responsible person to park the car.

We parked in one of the unofficial car parks in Long Ashton for £5 and it was right next to the bottom entrance, the one closest to the arena. Very easy to get to and from the fiesta.


We got there, set ourselves up, open the bacon sandwiches to realise the coffee was still in the car, school boy error, I couldn’t be bothered to go back.  Not long after, the balloons started to inflate and the weather was agreeable for them to take off.  When it started everyone was excited, even the baby, but not long after everyone but myself decided they were bored.  Evie fell asleep on my husband (who also decided it was nap time) and Bertie kept complaining it was “Boooooring”.

Mental note: don’t take the children again, find friends to go with.

It made the Bristol horizon look impressive and if you can be bothered to get up at stupid o’clock I recommend it.  Once we left and drove through Long Ashton to get home we noticed a lot of the balloons hadn’t made it very far and were coming down in fields.  A bit of a shame for the riders but we had a spectacular sight.

It’s on for today and tomorrow and from previous experience the night glow is worth visiting. If you have small children don’t let that put you off, NCT have a tent in the arena near the lost children tent.  Here I noticed they had a kettle, microwave and baby changing facilities all free to use.


I’m hoping the wind is going to change direction for the balloons to head over our house.  It’s always exciting when a flock come overhead.