My half marathon training – week 1

I’ve always said that weren’t made for running long distances. I’ve completely done a 180 on that, and I’m now in half marathon training mode.

half marathon

Over the last couple of years I’ve comfortably run 3 or 4 miles without much effort or training, and thrown a couple of 10Ks in for good measure. But recently I’ve been toying with taking it one step further and moving to the longer distances again.

Rather than effort being my issue these days, it’s a case of time. I know that you can find the time to do anything that you want to do, but it’s not so simple with two children at home and a severe lack of free childcare.

So here’s my plan:

Half Marathon 1

I scoured the internet to find all of the training plans that started with a fairly good base level of fitness/distance. Add in the fact that our base has a half marathon in mid September, I realised that I needed to train hard and fast, but as sensibly as possible.

So far so good. I’ve just completed my first week and did my 7-miler yesterday. And it really wasn’t too bad. Naturally I’ve already changed it up and figured out that the long distances are more doable on a Sunday (when Germany shuts down and we don’t have a 1001 errands to run).

We have a Nordic Walking Trail in our village which I explored last week but really got my teeth into it on Sunday. It’s exactly that; a trail, so I was running on the forest floor a lot of the time and on tiny, barely trodden paths. At one point I was muttering “don’t fall over, don’t fall over” as I freefell down a narrow, incredibly steep, one foot wide, rocky area. But it was a lot of fun and although incredibly hilly, I think it’s going to be a great training ground. I mean, if I can run long distances on hilly mud, a paved road race is going to be a breeze right?

Half Marathon 2

My splits were:

Nike + splits

Miles 5,6 and 7 show just how uphill the last part was. But in all, I was shocked that I averaged 9’17”. This time last year I was doing a 10 minute mile over half the distance.

I ran for the first time with a handheld water bottle and drank the lot. I really think that made a huge difference and once I’d got used to it, I didn’t really notice it which has been my fear up until now. I can’t have anything jiggling when I run to the extent that I have to take off my engagement ring before I leave the house as it irritates me so much.

I foam rolled this week for the first time as well. Ouch that hurt. A lot. Which shows that my legs are in major need of some massage therapy!

Now onto week 2. I’ll report back!