How to get a free Tesco shop

I’ve been debating about whether I should write about this or not.  It’s one of those moments in a Mother’s life they like to forget about until said child is 18 or older and then it’s funny but the reality is, the story is hilarious for everyone I’ve told.

Yes I did get a free Tesco shop the other day and No I didn’t win any competition or steal it.


Lucy is a true believer in “an exaggerated story is always a better story” and I am as well but for the sake of not making this Blog something it isn’t I’m sticking to the whole truth.

I went to the supermarket at least once a day last week, sometimes twice because I’d forgotten something.  I decided we needed to buy food that lasted more than one meal, so off to Tesco, Bertie, Evie and I set.  We do the normal, look for the ONE trolley with the car attached, it’s nowhere to be seen.  Thank god, Bertie and Evie end up fighting inside it or Evie is pushed out.  Evie is placed into the trolley seat (NB. YES I did strap her in – this is important).

We walk around the supermarket as we normally do:

Bertie: Can I have strawberry blobs?


Bertie: Pleeeeeeeease???????????

Me: NO..EVIE SIT DOWN, if you don’t put them back you won’t watch TV later, EVIE SIT DOWN, PUT THEM BACK, EVIE SIT DOWN

Repeat the last line every two minutes.

As you can probably understand by now, Evie had managed to wriggle free of the strap and kept standing up with other shoppers kindly telling me she’s about to fall out, me thinking “Do I look that f**king stupid? Of course she’s trying to climb out, you bl**dy push her around trying to keep an eye on a four-year old at the same time”.  Luckily she decided to stop climbing out.

Yes I know, I should have known something else was going down, why else do children go quiet?

All the shopping was on the conveyor belt, I was about to be served, Evie was still in her seat, turned 180 degrees but still in her seat.  I was close, so close to leaving the shop with everyone intact.  Fate had other ideas. Evie started shouting, as did Bertie, “Mummy Evie’s stuck, she wants to get out”.  She had managed to get her leg caught underneath a bar.  I did the natural thing of trying to yank her leg out, no such luck, the lady behind me starts to help. Four Tesco workers come to my aid and within seconds the decision was made to call the Fire Brigade.  Yes, I was that Mother; the Mother who allowed her 10 month old daughter to get stuck in a Tesco trolley.

We were whisked into the office, I heard one worker say “in all the years I’ve worked here I’ve never seen this before”, she looked like she’d worked there a looooong time.  Oh the shame, the word humiliation doesn’t quite cover how I felt.  Evie was screaming, Bertie was distressed and was whisked off to get a colouring book.  All I could think was “Evie stop crying and shove your leg out and Bertie you don’t even like colouring”.  The Tesco staff were extremely kind towards all of us and kept asking if I was alright, which we were.  I told my husband, he laughed and wanted photos, after that it became a bit more serious with a leg that was turning blue, however the Fire Brigade turned up with bolt cutters.

From start to finish her leg was out within 30 minutes. The Paramedics checked her over whilst she was sat on my lap smiling and giggling. Typical.


The staff retrieved my shopping and gave me a bunch of flowers, Bertie kept his colouring book and Evie even managed to get a Kevin Minion toy.  I wasn’t charged.  I apologised profusely to the staff, Fire Brigade, Paramedics for wasting their time but thanking them for helping, all we kind enough to say “don’t worry we’re glad the baby is ok”.  Hmmm they don’t know Evie very well, she’s always ok if she’s shouting (which she did a lot of).

I was told to watch out in case she didn’t use the leg which was stuck, we came straight home, I put her on the floor and she went zooming off into the front room. No problems with her.

For all that humiliation I wish I’d done a bigger shop.

That’s how I saved money last week but it isn’t a tactic I’d recommend.

Please tell me something similar has happened to someone else? Anyone else?


I’d like to thank the Tesco Golden Hill staff for their help and support throughout our ordeal. Evie promises it’ll never happen again <fingers crossed behind her back>.