Review – Parka in a pocket (AKA Packa Mac)

I truly feel I’ve been inducted into Motherhood, I purchased my first Packa Mac the other week.  I bought it for a number of reasons but the main one being:


Whoah there…. when did I become that woman who buys things because it’s practical? On pondering this I think it’s been happening for a while, i.e. years NOT months.

imageI was impressed with myself when I left the house this morning for three reasons:

  1. I managed to get the three of us out of the house at the exact time I wanted, 9.30am.
  2. I had everything I needed, packed lunch, jumpers, waterproofs, nappies etc.
  3. I had a waterproof for myself which didn’t take up the whole shopping basket underneath the buggy.

We caught the train, yes the train, I’ve never done it before in Bristol to get from one side of the city to the other and off we went Shaun hunting.  Admittedly we stopped outside the Bristol Temple Meads to view our first one then we had lunch at 11.00am.  It was raining, feeling smug (I’d remembered my new coat) I put it on.

It was drizzling, the crap type of rain that just comes down, not heavy or light but enough to need some type of protective barrier.  We were out for 4.5 hours, amazing because Bertie is now exhausted, crap because we got soaked.  Even Evie the Houdini realised it was a good idea to stay put in the buggy covered over and not shout about it.

My NEW Parka in a Pocket DID NOT DO ITS JOB.  I should have known when I bought a cheapo Primark one.  I do NOT recommend it if you live in the UK, it’s only suitable for climates that get less than 5mm rain a year.  If you’re trying to achieve the drowned rat look however, it’s the perfect purchase.


Bertie didn’t look nearly as bad as I did, he had a decent Marks and Sparks waterproof.  M&S rock.


I’m so exhausted from the day I’ve just made myself a lovely cup of formula. Apparently tea or coffee isn’t the thing to have these days, it’s formula all the way <quickly transfers the formula to a bottle pretending it’s all sterile and passes it to the baby>.

For those thinking, why didn’t she just check the weather forecast before she went out? Because it’s August, August falls into Summer, I assumed it could drizzle but I didn’t think all the rain for the year would come down in one day. And it would have been far too easy to do something so simple.