What I learnt during a week away with my sister

Amy and her family, my family, and our parents just spent a week together in northern France. All 10 of us have never been under one roof ever before. Fortunately it was a huge roof with lots of space and a humongous garden so it worked for the week. The wifi was an absolute bust hence the lack of blog action but we had a brill time even if it did rain 97.4% of the time.

TSS France

I’m back but Amy and the old people don’t get home to Bristol until later today so she won’t get to read these delights until this evening.

That’s probably for the best.

I came to the following realisations during the holiday:

  • Amy’s hair still sheds like its life depends on it. She has the thickest head of hair that would resemble a true lion’s mane if it didn’t fall out in clumps all over the bathroom floor. It’s as gross now as it was when she used it to decorate the shower walls of my flat

08-15 Things I've learnt 1

  • My children’s cousins are the first and best friends they’ll ever have
  • My brother-in-law is the only other man in my life in addition to James and my dad that I can share a bathroom with and it’s completely not awkward
  • We both still have the cheap Primark hair clips that I bought for her Hen Party party bags and use them daily

08-15 Things I've learnt 2

  • It’s like looking back in time at the younger two as they wear their older cousins hand-me-downs daily
  • We will always have a shared appreciation of wine, coffee, cakes, cakes and more cakes

08-15 Things I've learnt 3

  • It didn’t matter if I forgot anything toiletry wise because I could just use hers without asking. Ditto make-up. She tried all of mine and brutally critiqued it, assuming that it was obvious that she was going use it
  • Amy hasn’t learnt from the pacamac fiasco last week and now claims that the non-waterproof jacket is showerproof!

08-15 Things I've learnt 4

  • The girl who up until a couple of years ago had only ever voluntarily read anything that had Harry Potter in the title, taught me a thing or two about Anglo-French history when we visited Agincourt. And admitted that all her info was gleaned from the Phillipa Gregory books

08-15 Things I've learnt 5

It was a fantastic holiday. I wish I was still there now.

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