My half marathon training – week 4

I’m not the best at sticking to a plan. I try, I really do but real life (and all my holidays) seems to get in the way.

half marathonAfter my good start in week 1, week 2 was a bit of a write off. It was so hot and humid again and I took my infamous road trip back to England, which scuppered any chances of that week’s long run.

Half Marathon 1

I hit it hard on my return in week 3 and nearly died attempting a 6-miler having had 9 days off. I hadn’t realized that my body would let me down so badly and although my breathing was a breeze, my legs just wouldn’t work at all. I did 5.51 miles at an average pace of 9’50”. A seriously bad attempt and time compared to recent runs.

Because we were all in France this past week I did my week 3 9 miles amongst the French Countryside and pear orchards. Sounds romantic but it was absolutely as dull as ditchwater. I did it though and although the first 0.75 miles were up a serious incline, I finished in a respectable 1 hour 26 minutes. That’s an average of 9’35” per mile.

Half Marathon week 4

I’ve adapted my plan slightly having had feedback from half marathon expert friends and am only going to train up to 10 miles then bring it back down again in the two weeks preceding the race day.

My 10-miler was Sunday just gone. Although I stopped to walk a couple of times; I was back on the German trails which absorb my whole weight, don’t bounce me back in the air like tarmac does and are bl**dy hilly. Even so, I managed it in 1 hr 36 minutes, averaging 9’37” per mile. It was hot as well even though I started out super early but I enjoy the twists and turns of the forest floor much more than long straight French roads!

Half Marathon week 4 2

And that’s the longest I do now until 9am on the 12th September. Have I told you that the Air Force Ball is that evening? Apparently that’s not such a wise move but I’m not prepared to back out of either now!

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