My exercise of choice – Kettlebells

Before I started the 21 Day Transformation Challenge I had been doing  a kettlebells class twice a week for a few months.  It’s 50 minutes of pure fat burning, you don’t stop, there’s no rest, does it work? Of course it does.


I’ve continued and I love it.  I’ve never been one for exercising but I love how I feel afterwards and my body has changed as a result.  Inches have been lost but not necessarily pounds.

Because I was going on holiday for a week I had two classes I needed to use up and decided to go for a four dayer that week.  Four classes in one week, it, was, hard.

To start, I lapped someone on the warm up run.  If you know me, you’ll know I don’t run, so the fact I was running is big news let alone lapping someone, yes, I did LAP someone (I think she was the slowest person but still, I LAPPED someone).  I’m proud of this.

I did one of the advanced classes.  Initially I was crapping myself over it, the normal class is brutal but the thought of the advanced class made me scared.  Surprisingly it wasn’t too bad, UNTIL, we were expected to lift our weights (I had 6kg) one in each hand, jump into a backward lung whilst ‘popping’ our arms straight above our head.  Initially I was watching thinking “WTF, you want ME, TO, DO, THAT”, then  I had that moment of superior self-confidence.  You know, similar to when you’ve had a few alcoholic beverages, you’re in a club and Beyoncé Single Ladies comes on, you’re convinced you can do the dance moves just as well as Beyoncé, if not better, AS, IF! All because I’d remembered I’d lapped someone that week, I told myself “AMY, YOU, CAN, DO, THIS”.  Apparently I can’t do it.  I nearly fell over whilst trying to do the backward lunge and came close to knocking myself out with the two 6kg kettlebells. Not a good look.

Luckily the minute ended however I was a fool to think it wouldn’t come up again.  Round two, I took my time, had a drink of water (you’re not allowed to stop during the 50min unless rehydrating or dying) and watched Jon ‘popping’ his arms up.  I was watching and internally giggling, the move looked like something Bertie would attempt when trying to re-enact Tree Fu Tom or something similar and then I watched other experienced Kettlebellers and wished I could do it like them.  I wasn’t going to risk knocking myself out and decided Rome wasn’t built in a day, so I did static lunges and left it long enough so I didn’t need to do many.  I’m not sure how long Rome is going to take to be built but I’m thinking it’ll take the same amount of time it’ll take to finish my house, we’re on five and a half years, pushing six. One day I’ll be able to do this move.

To round off the four session week, during the final warm down I managed to knock my knee cap out of joint.  If you’ve never had this privilege, the shock and pain is immense (nowhere near as bad as childbirth though) and over a week later it still feels weird.  I suppose this sort of thing only happens to fit people so at least I can put myself into that category now.

There’s a number of reasons I love this class:

  1. I feel healthy for doing it.
  2. I’ve lost inches from my waist and hips.
  3. My legs are bigger and can therefore fit into skinny jeans instead of being baggy.
  4. The music is so loud you can’t hear yourself making noises whilst trying to do the hard exercises.
  5. No one else in the class is watching you, there’s no competition.  Everyone is concentrating too hard on what they’re trying to do.
  6. I can now run, did I mention I lapped someone on the warm up?
  7. It starts at 6pm and gets me out of bath and bedtime twice a week.

Kettlecise is held in Clifton College Sports Centre and the first session is free, e-mail Jon for more information.

Have a go and tell me what you think, you’ve nothing to lose other than a lot of sweat and fat.