Back to school – American style

Bertie and Emmie were born just 5 short weeks apart. Although in September 2011, those 37 days felt like a lifetime.

back to school

So far in life, Bertie’s reached every milestone way before his cousin. He packed on the pounds like a champ whilst I was raising my (first of 2) 0 centile baby. He walked, talked and rode his bike long before Emmie did, and now the differences are going to be even more apparent for the next few years or so. Whereas Bertie started Reception this week, Emmie has another 2 whole years before she starts the equivalent in the American school system; Kindergarten.

That said, we have 9, yes just 9, hours of pre-school weekly to look forward to. None of your free 15 hours malarkey here. I’m paying for every damn one of those 540 minutes. We’ll start 2 weeks after the English schools and finish at the beginning of April. Part-timers or what? Seriously, my head is reeling that next summer is actually going to start at Easter.

There’s no smart uniform, there are hugely strict vaccination requirements, I have to sign a waiver for everything and did I mention that it’s a 45 minute round trip? So Joe and I will be spending 135 minutes in the car weekly ferrying her back and forth. I need to download more episodes of Baby Jake to keep him happy, otherwise I’m going to want to stab myself with a blunt instrument.

And the best bit? We buy and provide the supplies. Check this out…

09-15 back to school 2

I tell you, a small fortune has been invested in the above school staples and classroom necessities.

The special, can only order from, workbook’s missing because just like Amy, I was completely smug in the knowledge that I was utterly organised and had it all under control. Until I checked yesterday and realised I’d put it in save for later rather than my cart. What a dick. I had to go back with my tail between my legs to a friend and embarrassingly ask if she still had the spare that I’d turned down a fortnight ago.

Thankfully she was hugely gracious about it. I on the other hand felt like a right plonker!

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