Clothes shopping for the kids. With the kids. Hell on earth with a small dose of success…

In my little Anglo-American-German bubble I technically have access to the sartorial delights of all 3 countries. The best of every world, some may say.

I don’t. I say H&M every time when I need to restock the children’s wardrobes quick smart. Forget Osh Kosh and Gap, or M&S and John Lewis. My default is the cheap as chips Scandi brand that is utterly ubiquitous, but generally delivers.

Screen Shot 2015-09-18 at 3.20.20 PM

The problem is that no matter which country you’re in it’s always boiling in the shop. Meaning that we all have to literally strip off in the quest for clothes which results in a buggy that’s more moving clothes horse than Joseph’s chariot. It’s an incredibly stressful store. Especially with my children. Some larger branches have TV screens playing random Swedish cartoons but most don’t.

This season they’ve plonked all the Frozen merchandise at the door meaning you have to drag the soon to be 4 year old past it in order to look at the more suitable attire. And when I say suitable, I just mean not sleeveless, not covered in Arendelle’s finest and more cover to the leg than the Daisy Dukes Emmie came downstairs in this morning.

Both ended up over stimulated but simultaneously bored out of their brains, whilst I attempted a supermarket sweep type mission to plug the winter wardrobe gaps.

Anyway I digress. There are some lovely pieces for boys and girls this Autumn. As I picked up each item to check it out, Emmie commented a withering “buy it” as if I’m made of money and no discussion, thought or consideration was necessary.

So this is what we bought:

09-15 H&M 2

Tulle skirt | Stripped jersey dress | Grey cardigan | Gloves | Hat

09-15 H&M 3

Lined chinos | Jumper(sweater) | Chinos

The 3-pack of gloves is genius. I’m all over having multiple pairs to start off the winter. And the hat does have matching gloves and a tube scarf or snood as we called it back in the day.

And these were also pretty cool too.

09-15 H&M 5

Biker jacket | Skirt | Cardigan | Trainers

09-15 H&M 4 Slim jeans | Cardigan | Tshirt | Wellies

For the price, wearability, washability and durability you can’t beat a bit of H&M.