All Tangled up – a Rapunzel themed 4th birthday party

Back in March, I asked Emmie what cake she wanted for her birthday this year. She didn’t even hesitate and without drawing breath, requested, no demanded, a strawberry Rapunzel cake.

15-09 Tangled party 6

Ok. Have you ever looked on Pinterest for Rapunzel cakes? Don’t bother. They’re the most elaborate constructions ever and so far removed from any creative skills that I have never possessed.

This then started the ball rolling for the theme of this year’s birthday. After the last two years of catering for 20+ children and their parents, I scaled back 2015’s operation to just 7. Far more civilised and a lot more doable. Well, kind of. The thought process, planning and execution are about the same. Just so much less to clear up which is definitely a good thing on the day.

So this is what a Tangled themed 4th birthday looks like:

The Cake

09-15 Tangled party 2

As much as I know you’ll be shocked, I didn’t make this Emmie cake bunting. I ordered it from Etsy, and with the Amazon purchased Rapunzel and pet chameleon Pascal, it made the most perfect, and simple Rapunzel cake! There is a strawberry cake underneath with strawberry cream cheese icing. It was delish.

The Balloons

Purple and yellow everywhere. They looked pretty cool.

09-15 Tangled party 3

The Party Bags

Trusty Amazon to the rescue again with these amazing bags. I filled them with Rapunzel’s paints and a mini canvas as well as the usual chocolate and sweets.

09-15 Tangled party 1

The Tower

I made this out of coloured paper one evening when both kids went to bed at 5.15pm and I was bored out of my brains. I’ll never win any artistic awards, but the children liked it!

IMG_871809-15 Tangled party 4

And the Food

A totally crap photo as the famished few tucked in before I could get my camera out. But I did a little tea party with sandwiches (all American PB&J, cream cheese and cucumber, and very British ham), mini pizzas, jelly, fruit and veg, cheese & pineapple (which does not translate very well across the pond, but y’know, it’s not a birthday party without cheese and pineapple) and some home made cookies.

09-15 Tangled party 5

I’d planned for bad weather so we were going to do some sugar cookie decoration with the idea of them taking home the finished product but the sun was out so the afterparty was moved to the garden.

There was toadstool spotting and smashing, trampolining, dressing up and lots of running around. Pretty much an idyllic afternoon!

This should be an inspiration to any Mums who were never blessed with the flow of creative juices. If this girl can, you most definitely can!