What my credit card has been buying the last few weeks…

After going on holiday with the whole family in August I noticed Lucy had a plethora of lovely clothes.  I’m not talking about dresses or skirts but good basics, I realised my Primarni weren’t a patch on hers.  Now I’m down to vaguely the size I’m happy with I knew it was time to stop buying cheap and invest in quality garments.

I always spend a lot of money on dresses; for weddings or special occasions. I’ve no idea why because I don’t wear them often enough, but for some reason the clothes I wear everyday i.e. tops and t-shirts are cheap ones that look dreadful on me.

Enough is enough. I’m not doing it anymore. My jumpers will not be from Asda and my t-shirts are not being bought in Primark.  I’ve nothing against these shops but every time I wash them they lose their shape and I end up spending more because I need to get new ones because they look so bad.

The problem when you’ve bought cheap for such a long time is not knowing where sells quality clothes.  I used to buy Next but I’ve decided it’s not for me yet.  I asked on Mumsnet Style and Beauty, “where can I get quality t-shirts tops for roughly £20 each and don’t lose their shape in the wash”, it was unanimous; Boden is the place to go.

I’ve been fighting it for a while. I didn’t want to be the mother wearing Boden blue and white striped clothes, wearing pearl earrings and a pair of UGG boots. But I’ve succumbed. It’s me, I’ve embraced it.  I also love it. The tops are amazing. Brilliant for this weather with a jacket over the top.  As long as the washing instructions are followed they’re a great buy. And when I say washing instructions, all I mean is, don’t tumble dry. Now I’ve discovered these, I’m not going back.  I bought them on a two for £40 deal but now they’re all reduced to about £19 now.

imageI’ve been on a roll of throwing away clothes, so obviously I needed more to replace. Again, quality over price.  This time Joules sent through an e-mail with their sale items and I bought these:


The dress I plan to wear with leggings underneath and I love the jumper. I haven’t got them yet so I’ve no idea what happens once they’ve been in the washing machine.

Why stop there??? I thought “Ooooooo I could do with a new necklace, something big and chunky”.

imageDebenhams had the perfect one in their sale.

Even though it seems all I’ve done is buy for myself I did get Evie her first birthday present. It was from Debenhams and I was surprised to find it the cheapest place to buy what I wanted.  They have great toy offers on, and something I’ll remember for the future.

My card needs a rest now, I’ll get it back out in October/November time for Christmas.