Free autumn printables – L is for leaf!

Since I last regaled my whole preschool tales and woes story things have changed somewhat in our household. For one my husband deployed leaving me in sole charge of a 4-year old and nearly 2-year old. In a foreign country. With no family around. Fun times I can tell you.


Secondly Emmie is now enrolled in 2 preschools. Yep 2! Both are 9 hours per week so she does 3 hours a day except Wednesdays when she doubles up. The second one is basically just a playschool and she absolutely loves it. When I asked her what was so great about it she replied “because I don’t have to write my name there“. OoooooooooKkkkkkk…

To try my hand at a little learning facilitation myself this week (because she was home 3 days out of the 5 for closures) we had a go at this lovely learning printable. Before we did we went on a nature walk through the forest outside of our house to collect leaves, twigs, pine cones and to do a spot more toadstool bashing; her new favourite sport!

Leaves Preschool Printable from

15_10_autumn_printables 2

15_10_autumn_printables 315_10_autumn_printables 4

It was fun. Pretty simple stuff but it moved on from my usual L is for Lucy to something far more interesting and seasonally appropriate. And I taught her how to leaf rub. She thought I was a genius. I’ll take it where I can get it!

Have a go and tell me what you think..