DC Kids Super Hero Creator & UK Giveaway

Halloween is done slightly differently in America. Rather than our traditional scary costumes of which witch, vampire, ghost or cat feature heavily, any fancy dress goes. So the options and choices are utterly infinite. As a mother of a child with about 951 Disney Princess dresses, procuring a new costume wasn’t on my radar this year. Until Emmie told me that she just had decided that she had to be Spidergirl.

Spidergirl? Does she even exist? And if so, how on earth does Emmie know about her? Because I most definitely don’t. Scratch that, I didn’t. But I do now. Add so do you…!


Essentially, she created her own super hero and so can you too here with DC Kids.

15-10_superhero_creator 2

We had a great time playing with the site creating heroes with names like Grey Crasher and Wonder Brute! Designing their costumes and deciding on what superpowers they’d possess was a fun way to start our day before heading out to school.

Once we had enough of that, we checked out some of the cool new videos from Warner Bros. Including old favorites like  Scooby Doo  and Batman Unlimited. We’ve been told that there will be many more updates over the next year, so don’t forget to subscribe to their channels!

DC Kids Channel and WB Kids Channel

Lastly enter THIS GIVEAWAY for the chance to win the amazing gift set from Warner Bros below. Just in time for Christmas!

15-10_superherocreator 4


This is a sponsored post. But as usual, all opinions are our own.