One year ago………

One whole year ago I was writing this, it doesn’t feel like 365 days have passed by.  My baby girl is about to turn one and I’m sad she isn’t considered a baby anymore but life goes on.

I haven’t done much preparing, we’re not going all out this year, a cake and some pizza with family on the day and a small tea party with champagne on Saturday (mainly for me).

It’s been strange thinking about what to buy her, I’m used to buying cars, duplo, lego and train sets not dollys and anything pink.  I’m sorry to all of those who daughters I’ve bought for in the past.  I’ve realised what I’ve given as presents for them were hideous, bright pink, Frozen themed and generally tacky but always loved by the recipient.  I think I’m about to get my comeuppance on this one.


I took Bertie to buy his little sister a present.  I was thinking something along the lines of wooden food toys, or plate specifically for her (NOT Planes or Thomas the Tank Engine related).


I told him he needed to pick something for Evie for her birthday, I explained it wasn’t going to be for him but for Evie to play with……then I let him loose……in a toy store.  I think one of the most stupidest things I’ve ever done.  He was looking at skateboards, massive pink kitchens and lego, everything a four-year boy would deem appropriate as a present typical male. Then he returned with this:



Yup….Frozen, apparently we’re already there.  I thought I had at least another year but according to Bertie an Elsa wand and figure is exactly what his little sister wants.

I didn’t do any better, I bought this:


I was hoping the cake would be more successful……… this is what I was planning:


A Pinterest inspiration, does the real thing look the same? Of course NOT! But the icing tastes delicious, not a complete disaster.

imageNow I need to wrap a load of presents, exactly what I want to do at 10pm when I’m tired.