Winter is coming…….and I feel like crap- my methods of trying to rid a common cold

For the last few days my head has started throbbing, my throat has been scratchy and my nose is blocked.


I’m trying to treat my body like a temple! I’m not very good at it but I’m trying and part of that involves not pumping it with loads of drugs. Yes, I know sugar is also considered a drug but I’m really trying on that front.  So no paracetamol for me, it’s all natural at the moment.

  • Vitamin C

I should be eating a diet full of it, blah, blah, blah, but I find bananas more appealing over oranges.  I’ve been having a good old effervescent Vit C tablet every morning to help keep me healthy.

  • Going to bed earlier

I can easily go to sleep at 9pm every evening but having two children and a house to run, it’s not that simple.  I’m saying to myself “sod it, I’ve tidied the front room (ish) the kitchen doesn’t look like a bomb has hit it, just organised mess, it’s 9.30 I’m heading to bed”.  It’s helping….my God is it helping, I wish I did this before.

  • Drinking loads of water

Pretty obvious, if you’re dehydrated you’ll feel like crap.  First thing in the morning I drink at least a pint and then carry around a litre bottle with me all day.  I’m on the toilet every five minutes as if I’m nine months preggo but it’s helping.

  • Echinacea tablets

Tesco sell these.  Echinacea apparently helps to fight infection but looking on the NHS website, the research isn’t completely clear.  It can modestly help reduce the symptoms of a cold or flu but it won’t get rid of it.  I feel like I’m doing something by taking them, if it’s a placebo effect I don’t care, at least I’m not pumping my body with artificial drugs.

  • Steaming

This one is the best for blocked sinus’.  Head over a bowl of boiling water and a towel over the head.  I have a photo somewhere of Lucy doing this I need to get it out to laugh at.  Back in the 80’s my Mum would make us have Friars Balsam dropped into it to give it that horrific smell because it would help ease up the congestion…. as with everything you were told in the 80’s it’s BS, all you need is the steam.  The number of times I was forced to keep my head under the towel with the vile smell permeating through my nostrils, to this day I can’t go near it.

  • Hot milk and honey

My absolute favourite and my treat in the evening.  Ok, I know I’m saying everything is natural and not pumping myself with drugs BUT I do add a dash of brandy.  I’ve accepted I’m old so having brandy in the house goes with the territory but hot milk (full fat), honey and brandy is soooooo bloody delicious, the milk fills me up, the honey does something useful apparently and the brandy helps me to sleep……. good times.  Even without a cold I have been known to have one on a cold winters evening, in front of the TV, with the X Factor on and no other noise (children and husband included).

That’s my extensive list, it could/should be longer.  What do you do to help with a stupid common cold?