Inspirational gift ideas for Christmas – from the perspective of a 4 year old girl

There’s 59 days until Christmas.

I’ll say it again. 59 days. Yet again this year has gone even more quickly than the last and I really need to get my act together and start organising the stockings and Christmas presents.

Children'sGift Inspiration-1

Both of my children have Autumn/Winter birthdays so at this time of year I feel like I’m constantly on Amazon looking for ideas, or scoping out other people’s toys to get fresh inspiration. It’s so hard. Especially when we have a playroom and bedrooms full of toys already. I know I know. Utter First World problems. I need to get a grip.

Anyway, Emmie’s birthday was at the end of September so she and I thought we’d share some of the great presents she was given and massively loves. We hope it inspires Father Christmas / Santa when he visits your house this year.

In no particular order..
These Hairbands are super fun to play with and make. Although the glue provided is a bit weak so we’ve been sewing them. Emmie also loves having a hairband of every colour to match all her daily outfit changes.

Gone are the days of the old school ponies like Cotton Candy and Apple Jack (although AJ still exists, just in a souped up 2015 version). This My Little Pony Castle and its associated paraphernalia are a long way from my 1985 My Little Pony Stable but just as popular.

We do arting in our house daily and this is just the best thing ever. A whole briefcase full of pencils, crayons and felts (markers).

I think I may possibly love this more than Emmie. And she loves it a lot. A First Knitting Kit with 2 sets of needles, a knitting doll and pom pom maker.

This Petit Prince Night Light projects stars from the night sky onto the ceiling in orange, blue and green. It’s a comforting way to have a little light in the room at bedtime without the full glare of a lamp.

We hope this has given you an idea or two to get your shopping started. Enjoy and good luck!


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