Getting my energy on. My daily dose of vitamins and minerals

We’re seven weeks in to our family of four being a family of three. And about a quarter of the way through.

Solo parenting is no joke. The 24/7 grind is wearing, isolating, irritating and sometimes quite boring. It’s also exhausting looking after two young children all day and then working at night when they’re asleep.

I don’t have the financial worries of a single parent. I’m incredibly lucky and I know it. That doesn’t mean that I don’t want to bury my head under the duvet and hide every morning at 5.30am when Emmie wakes me up. I’m so tired all of the time and am aging way too fast.

So, I’ve shaken up my morning routine. I needed to overhaul what I put into my body so that it can get me through the whole day. I started about a fortnight ago and it’s made one hell of a difference. I don’t quite feel beach holiday rested, but I also don’t constantly feel like it’s Friday night after a long week of work either.

I start each day with a small cup of hot water with lemon. Swiftly followed by a green smoothie. I blend frozen kale, a small banana, milk, chia seeds and bolt it back. Normally because I’m ravenous, but also because we have very tight timescales and need to leave the house super early three days out of five.

2015_11_Energy 1

I’m a huge supplement junkie. I’m not sure if it’s the placebo effect or if they actually make a difference but I take:

  • a Multivitamin (actually a antenatal one. Which, when I posted on Instagram, resulted in a a load of friends asking if I was pregnant again. Errr, no way. I just keep getting them and I’m breastfeeding so it kind of makes sense)
  • CoQ10 for basic cell function and energy
  • Grapefruit Seed Extract and Probiotics for my never-ending systemic candida problems
  • Vitamin D3 because the sun has gone down on Germany now until Spring
  • a large gulp of Apple Cider Vinegar because it covers more or less everything else off
  • and finally a shot of Floradix

Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 10.59.14 AM

Floradix is my ultra secret weapon and makes a monumental difference to how I feel. It’s a plant-based iron supplement. It tastes vile, well if you like liquorice, you’d love it. But it doesn’t make me constipated like traditional iron supplements. I’m generally always being on the cusp of anaemia, which my Sunny Delight shade of orange eyelids betray. I ran out of it a while back and couldn’t be bothered to hit the Apoteke to restock and it really affected my energy levels. I won’t be making that mistake again in a hurry.

Then I spend the rest of the day drowning myself in coffee. Whatever works right?!

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