A few of my current favourites

Adapt and overcome has been James’s motto ever since I’ve known him. I’ve had to really embody and embrace that sentiment myself an awful lot recently and it hasn’t always been the easiest thing to do.

A few of myfavouritethings

Out with the old normal and in with my new, yet temporary, usual has been pretty hard going. My motivation has been down below ground level and I’ve had to really concentrate to get myself back to speed again.

We’ve been a 3-person family for 10 weeks now. It’s gone so fast, yet dragged at the same time. Being mummy, daddy, housekeeper, nanny, chef, handywoman and general dogsbody with minimal respite is a tough job. Especially with all of the miscellaneous and unexpected tasks that have been thrown my way. Most recent are Emmie suffering from a chronic, idiopathic illness, the heating not working properly and a kind man at the petrol station telling me that I’m in dire need of new tyres before the ice and snow hit, and to get new ones asap.

I can tell that you’re really jealous of me aren’t you?

So here’s a list of what’s been keeping me busy, sane and happy recently:

These white leather Chucks are simply my favourite things to wear right now. They’re kids so were very cheap (my feet have shrunk half a size post pregnancies!) They look pretty cool with my skinny jeans as well as two pairs of my 10-year old 7 for all Mankind bootcuts that I’ve resurrected for this autumn.


‘Tis the season for Aldi and Lidl’s Christmas treats. Every week my shopping trolley features Aldi’s glühwein and these Lidl stollen bites. They’re the best of the best. And I’m reliably informed that the UK stores have the same products as Germany, albeit slightly more expensive!


These products aren’t available in the UK just yet, but my American friends in the know have sworn about them for as long as I can remember. Rodan & Fields is a US based company, although I know they sell in Australia too. As I’m aging like a President right now with all this stress, I’m working on Operation Benjamin LUCY Button. I’ve bought the whole of their Redefine regimen and am working towards a new me. My next step is Botox.


You know that I love Thug Kitchen, well look what’s out just in time for Christmas! The Thug Kitchen Party Grub Book. I am mostly impressed with the cocktail recipes because they’re not a regurgitation of the usual list you normally see. I can’t wait to try them out.


Revlon Colorburst™ balm stain (005 Crush Beguin). An oldie but a new and improved goodie. Dark lips never fail to make me happy, smile or feel confident. Even if I’m only just about holding it together inside.


Gooey Louie. This is a hysterical children’s game that we’ve had a lot of fun playing. Basically you pick bogies until the brain explodes. It’s really good fun and I’ve bought a load for Christmas presents this year! Watch out friends, one may well be coming your way!


What have you been doing to keep a smile on your face recently?


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