2015 – John Lewis babywear massively reduced

One of our most popular posts across the whole of last year was when we wrote about John Lewis’s massive Christmas clearance sale with sleepsuits down to £3.33 each.

Of all the clothes that Amy and I love for the children, John Lewis comes up a winner time and time again. Primarily because they wash so well and last. God that’s such a mum thing to say but it’s true!

We love the styles because they’re more on the traditional side; John Lewis doesn’t seem to believe in dressing a 3-month old baby like a teenager. And we like that. Although the perception is that John Lewis is expensive, the reality is that it’s often only a few pounds more than Next. As much as I do like a lot of the Next clothes for kids, they are hugely ubiquitous so it’s nice to have something a little different.

So here’s this year’s version. And it’s a good one again.

15-12 John Lewis 3

Sheep sleepsuits || Artic sleepsuits


Both of us gave the other’s youngest a dungaree set for Christmas. Everyone comments that they love young children in dungarees and we agree. I got Evie’s from Osh Kosh because I adore their flowery prints and the fact that they relish blue as a colour for girls. Amy gave Joe his outfit from John Lewis. And he’s worn his twice already.

15-12 John Lewis 4

Grey/Red || Green bear

15-12 John Lewis 2

Fairisle knit || Knitted flower || Pink and blue flower


When Joe was born, a friend gave me two of these jumpers and I’ve gifted them ever since. They’re super smart and very comfy.

15-12 John Lewis 1

Scottie dog || Fairisle || Blue hoodie

I hope you grab a bargain or two!